un dernier mot (for now)

All good things must come to an end.

While the performances may have wrapped a few weeks ago, this year’s Edgy Women blog continued to generate reviews (and even a titty scandal) long after we cleared out of the Blue Cat. But we think the dust may have finally settled on this year’s Fest, so just wanted to take the time to properly bid the blog adieu… for now.

Last weekend, the Franco and Anglo bloggers responsible for generating content on this site got together to have a last word on the crazy, unexpected, experimental, feminist fiesta that is Edgy Women Festival. Here are (some of) our thoughts:

From impromptu UFC parties, to Colloque close-ups, to sexy sporty video, to insightful Q&As, to gendered cake, modern dance, to LUCHA LIBRE and everything in between, we tried to give you a closer look at the artists and happenings that made this year’s festival unforgettable.

THANK YOU to my epic team of bloggers for your EDGY enthusiasm and commitment to this online project.

& THANK YOU for coming on this website to read along with our adventures!

There was an unprecedented amount of interest in this blog from our audience and it was our pleasure to keep you reading, watching, sharing and loving Edgy Women Festival. PLEASE email any feedback to edgylaurabeeston@gmail.com, and keep following us on Facebook for updates about next year’s programming!

See you next year!

– posted by @LauraBeeston

-video edited by @RonjaMannov

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