colloque close-up: Kris Grey/Justin Credible

Bodies: the most obvious link between sports and performance art.

Yeah, I know that many things in life are centered around our lil’ old shells, but when it comes to being obsessively in love with bodies, sports and performance art are way ahead in the game.

Kris Grey, aka Justin Credible, knows – and celebrates – this. The performer/researcher/storyteller with a humorous and personal take on trans*, queer and feminist issues, will be joining Edgy from NYC at the OFF-SIDE: Edgy Colloque on March 7.

JustinCredible1From the “Ask a Tranny” Project

I got interested in Kris’ thoughts on bodies in relation to this year’s Edgy theme, so we had a chat:

”One of the most captivating aspects of sports spectatorship is permission to openly look at bodies – bodies are titillating, exciting, and get messy when pushed to the extreme. Sporting performance can be transcendent; exceptional bodies performing extreme tasks. This is the same reason I’m interested in live art and performance work.”

The interest is very clear in this video, where Kris urges the viewer to question the idea of bodies as fixed and static:

”There are plenty of artists who blur the boundaries between athletics and art, including one of my favorites featured at this years Edgy Women Festival, Heather Cassils.”

Ah, yes, Heather Cassils – the face of Edgy this year, the image of her muscular body, cool eyes and red lips is all over our posters and flyers.

Picture 2

Like Cassils, Kris Grey is deeply fascinated with the subversive potential of sports:

”Athletic bodies demonstrate a wide spectrum of physical form often deviating from the simplistic feminine/masculine binary. Sports have the potential to destabilize socialized systems of gendered expectations. Unfortunately, the media coverage and organization of sports often reinforce socialization around gender rather than disrupting it.”

This hilarious video, made in Finland during an artist residency, perfectly demonstrates Kris’ own gender-disruptive skills:

Ok, I am getting pretty excited for the Edgy Colloque on March 7! Still not sure what you can expect from Kris Grey/Justin Credible?

”Embarrassing personal stories co-mingled with sporting narratives culled from the headlines. I’ve been playing sports and telling stories for as long as I can remember. The Edgy Fest this year is a great opportunity for me to wed these interests. Think of it like a story with pictures.”

Count me in!

– by @ronjamannov

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