Decidedly feminist LUCHA LIBRE

THE END OF FEMINISM (as we know it)

Recently, us brains behind Edgy Women Fest have had Lucha Libre on our minds. It makes sense, as we’re organizing our very own wrestling match March 10th, but it’s amazing what you can find on the internet once you venture down this rabbit hole…

Recently, our EDGY LUCHA artistic director Marijs Boulogne has been turning us on to all things alt-wrestling, and this gang of hard knocks The End of Feminism (as we knew it) really inspired us with their unapologetic, badass ‘tude.

From 'The End of Feminism (as we knew it)'



Check them out, and stay tuned to this blog, our Twitter & our Facebook page for updates on our own forthcoming Montreal lineup…

About The End of Feminism (as we knew it):


“Art can only be done in destructive societies that have to be rebuilt.”

The theory and wrestling performance by Dolce After Ghana is a call for mutual inspiration, friction and confrontation from and with politics, entertainment and theory, fine, applied, and performing arts on the issue of social conflicts, old and new feminism. A bizarre actionist combination of show, concert, happening, flashmob, voguing, wrestling, material overkill, and social plastic. The desire for a mutual stimulus is a driving force that opens spaces of lasciviousness and irritation, tension and relaxation, confrontation and invitation. Here, gender roles are attacked and tattered, and churned backwards through the prayer mill.

Dolce After Ghana brings female impact in contemporary art production from performance, music, and theory into an arena to measure up against one another and look into the eyes of the dragon! Maybe you don’t remember: Pain is just a French word for bread! Rules or bones, both will be broken! Don’t forget your sneakers! Heads up!

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